The Draft order has been determined……..

1. L-Diggity
2. Chiefs Fan
3. The Underachievers
4. Cardinal & Gold
6. Huss Monkeys
7. Hades Star
8. Forty Whiner
9. Los Bastardos
10. Who Dat

The draft will begin at 10 am.
Last place guy from last year (Hades Star) and new guy (Who Dat) brings the Patron.


And away we go!

It’s time to get the 2013 PatronBowl started and this years draft order will be determined a little different. This year the Kentucky Derby will decide the fate of the 10 returning managers draft position. Utilizing a random draft order generator specifically designed for Fantasy Football Leagues, that result determines the horse each manager must count on to bring a high draft pick home!

This adds a little more excitement to the whole process of determining draft position and it ultimately is in the hands of the horse racing Gods! Total randomness taken a little further……………..

So here’s the final post position and manager assignments.

1. Onyx – Forty Whiner

2. Oxbow – ROOSTr

3. Revolutionary – Chiefs Fan

4. Golden Soul – L-Diggity

5. Normandy Invasion – The Underachievers

6. Mylute – Cardinal & Gold

7. Giant Finish – BBFCFM

8. Goldencents – Los Bastardos

9. Overanalyze – Huss Monkeys

10. Palace Malice – Hades Star

Should one of the above horses scratch before the race, here are the second 10 horses with manager assignments. These horses are only to be used if the first pick scratches!

11. Lines of Battle – BBFCFM

12. Itsmyluckyday – The Underachievers

13. Falling Sky – L-Diggity

14. Verrazano – Hades Star

15. Charming Kitten – Chiefs Fan

16. Orb – Los Bastardos

17. Will Take Charge – Huss Monkeys

18. Frac Daddy – ROOSTr

19. Java’s War – Forty Whiner

20. Vyjack – Cardinal & Gold

Good Luck everybody!


PatronBowl 2012!


Well it’s that time of year again! Draft day is days away and this year we’re doing it in style! This years draft will take place from the Presidential suite of the Red Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! All but 2 teams will be present and it’s sure to be an awesome event once again! I’ll be posting a recap and maybe some up to date picks from the suite as long as the Internet connection is decent. It’s been a long offseason and can’t wait to get started! Hopefully we don’t get shutdown!!! It’s on!

PatronBowl suffers a loss……….

It is with a heavy heart that i announce the retirement and loss of a good friends fantasy football team. Show Me The Money was an original team at the inception of the Patron Bowl and an integral part of the league. He has been with us through thick and thin, taking abuse and dishing it out. The reasons for his teams demise are understandable and accepted, yet there still remains a sense of loss. He will be sorely missed.

Now begins the process of finding a worthy replacement. Let’s face it, no one can ever replace Show Me The Money……. but there needs to be a sense of continuity. So i here fore decree this season the year of “THE MONEY”. Let his name be declared throughout the land and the victor shall be remiss not to announce “I have made The Money proud”!!

You shall be missed my brother, and i will always hold a chair for you at the table of…………….. The PatronBowl!

Commish out!

Why SOPA Is Dangerous!!

Why SOPA Is Dangerous


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