PatronBowl 2012!


Well it’s that time of year again! Draft day is days away and this year we’re doing it in style! This years draft will take place from the Presidential suite of the Red Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! All but 2 teams will be present and it’s sure to be an awesome event once again! I’ll be posting a recap and maybe some up to date picks from the suite as long as the Internet connection is decent. It’s been a long offseason and can’t wait to get started! Hopefully we don’t get shutdown!!! It’s on!

January 18: Internet-Wide Protests Against the Blacklist Legislation

via January 18: Internet-Wide Protests Against the Blacklist Legislation | Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Why SOPA Is Dangerous!!

Why SOPA Is Dangerous


It was a damn close matchup!! Here’s how the final looked:

The 2011 fantasy football season has come to an end……….. NOW WHAT??
Fantasy Golf?………… NOT!
Fantasy Basketball?……… i think i just threw up in my mouth!
Baseball will be along soon enough but it’s just not the same.

Congratulations to BBFCFM for winning it all! Congrats to Roostr for coming in 2nd and congrats to Chiefs fan for showing up!
Thanks to everyone in the league for yet another great year!
We will need to discuss draft location for2012. Salud!


Are we talking about the playoffs? Yes we are! Round 1! The playoffs have finally arrived. With the end of the regular fantasy football season upon us, the top 6 teams out of 10 are ready for battle! Who will win the coveted golden patron? Who will unseat the reigning 2 time champ? Will someone new finally win? Of course Chiefs Fan and Roostr (no e) get to sit back and watch the first round contenders duke it out since they finished 1 and 2 in the league and get the bye. Good luck to everybody! Let’s check out what’s on tap for this weekend!

Matchup 1
(6)L-Diggity vs. (3)Team Splinters:


In this corner we have 6th seed L-Diggity, who came back from a mass decimation
of his draft day picks due to injury, to somehow make the playoffs.
Is he doing it with smoke and mirrors? Or is Digg toying with the other managers.
showcasing his mad free agent pickups and trade skills?


Team Splinters

In this corner we have 3rd seed Team Splinters…….
still not sure where he got the name, but he’s taking care of business.
In what just may be the highest rate of free agent pickups in PatronBowl history,
he finished in 3rd place for the regular season. 

Here’s the matchup:


Matchup 2
(5)BBFCFM vs. (4)Huss Monkeys:


In this corner we have BBFCFM, who didn’t have too bad of a season
considering he was waiting for Chris Johnson to come back from the dead.
He finished as the 5th seed at 7-6. He has been putting up some high
points lately and just may be underestimated.


Huss Monkeys

And finally in this corner we have 4th seeded Huss Monkeys,
who is looking for that 3rd championship in as many years.
What can i say about this guy, he just gets it done.
Can he pull it out and advance to the next round?

Here’s the matchup:

And “LAST” but not least…..

 With the end of the regular season comes the last place award. I’m still trying to decide on a name for this. I’m leaning towards the “Shane Laden” but i’m not sold yet. I still have to think of a trophy design also. Last place gets to buy the Patron for the following years draft……… LUCKY GUY! But first a run down of past years’ lucky Patron buyers:

2010: Show Me The Money

2009: El Presidente

2008: Chiefs Fan

2007: Show Me The Money

And this year the award goes to:

Cardinal & Gold

In the immortal words of L-Diggity………. “make sure that shit is chilled!”

Poll: Which Rims do you like the best?

Starting to look at options for my F-150. Probably gonna go with 22’s.

34 points?…………Seriously??

Going into this weekends matchup i had a pretty good feeling about getting a win. Especially after Thursday night and MIchael Bush going off, i felt even better! Then halfway through the Houston Texans game i thought it would be a little close but Arian Foster was going off yet once again. AND THEN………… Detroit sucked the big one and gave up 34 points to the Bears defense??? It seems as though i am the guy that other teams get their defense rolling with ridiculous points! In week 8 i had sure win until Detroit racked up 42 POINTS against Tebow’s sorry ass! Man this is frustrating! I still have an outside shot if i could for once get an awesome showing from my defense. I’m not holding my breath though because i don’t get the luck these other guys seem to get. Yeah i said LUCK, there is no way in hell the other managers knew they were gonna get these kinds of points from their defense. I need Green Bay to shut down Minnesota and maybe get a few sacks here and there? C’mon Clay Matthews! Here’s my matchup so far going into tonight’s game:


Vertical Epic 11.11.11 release!

Oh man, I am loving this brew. It’s right up my alley as far as Belgians go. Nice amber color, hints of banana, cinnamon and New Mexico Green Chile! So far I am impressed and am taking a few bottles home. Brian Crowson and i are loving our day off! Off to the Taco Shop then home to enjoy our growlers…… maybe we’ll add some Casa Noble!! Want more info on the beer? Check it out here: Vertical Epic 11.11.11


R.I.P. Heavy D………

Heavy D, the former leader of the hip-hop group Heavy D and the Boyz, has died at the age of 44. The rapper was rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles earlier this afternoon and was pronounced dead at 1 p.m. PT. Police are investigating his death but there are no signs of foul play.

Remember this jam? Man, those were the days!

Yeah, it was one of those weeks……..

So what do i do when i have one of “those weeks”? I tend to indulge in the quality liquor! In this case it’s the Casa Noble tequila!

I remember years ago i was at a wedding with my dad and he suggested we sip on some tequila. We proceeded to head to the bar and take a seat. Hell yeah, i was ready to get my buzz on and it was a wedding! My dad lived in Monrovia at the time and had since moved to Vegas to look after my awesome Grandmother. My dad, the man i’m named after, IS a quality individual who served his country and i am more than proud to be named after. He taught me how to be a man and instilled all the beliefs in me that make me proud to call him my father! We sat down at the bar of the Embassy Suites in Santa Ana and ordered. Back then i wasn’t into the quality liquor yet, so i let my pops order for us. Of course i trusted his decision and thought i could handle anything. I can’t exactly remember the tequila he ordered,  it was a silver and it was on the rocks, but “GAWD” i thought i would throw up. Now this was back in my 20’s, i am now at the ripe age of 42, and couldn’t appreciate the quality of a good tequila. Back then all i thought tequila was good for was a shot or two. But now in my older years i am finally realizing the intricacies of a fine quality tequila. I could tell  he knew i wasn’t exactly enjoying it so he decided to order me a beer and took over my glass of tequila with out even asking. I remember thinking to myself “thank god”. I never told him, nor asked him to “PLEASE FINISH MY TEQUILA”, but a man knows his son, and this man knew his son. Maybe it was from the look on my face or maybe the little gag i gave after the first sip, but he knew! He had no problem finishing what i couldn’t start, but I guess he had already had many years of doing of that for his son. We proceeded to finish our drinks and rejoin his brothers wedding after some talk about SC Football or some minor chit chat. I can’t exactly remember the conversation because i was in a bad place back then. We went our separate ways once again after the wedding and i re imagined it over and over again. I look back now, and wish i could have that moment back. Maybe it’s my older years, maybe it’s my older age, who knows. If i knew then what i know now, it would go completely different. I remember the lessons and the things you told me to watch out for in people pops! Not everything went in one ear and out another. I want that time back, i want those quality moments back to ask my father the questions i should have asked back then but was too much of a punk ass to do. Luckily my dad is still here, and i still have that time and i need to do something about it and i will. these are the type of moments that make people who they are today. These are the type of moments that i realize not everyone had. And these are the type of moments i realize that i was lucky to have but need to follow up on. I’m just a man, a regular kind of guy with a regular kind of job that goes through the typical things that go on everyday in an unorganized company. But sometimes things sit in my mind a little too strongly and I need a release. These are the times i think of my pops and the quality man he is and how he handles things that would drive a normal man nuts……….. but i add the Casa Noble!

Yeah, it was one of those weeks……….

This drink dad, this one is for you!!


Goldie’s Bday!

My awesome dog Goldie getting ready to enjoy his birthday treat! I can’t believe he’s already 3!!

Picture taken with the new iPhone 4s!


R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Don’t Be “That Guy!”…….. LOL! Whatever!

I came across an article last week by Matthew Berry from ESPN. It’s about being “THAT GUY” in a fantasy football league. You know the type, every league has one or more. But that’s what makes leagues funny and at the end of the season everyone has something to remember. Some people take it a little more serious than others and that’s not my fault, but it always gets someone upset.  Unless you’ve just been gang raped by your league, at which point you might want to consider finding another league, i doubt anyone is really trying to do you any harm. After all, i would assume your in a league with a bunch of guys you actually know. If not, that’s your fault for not having friends that like sports………. go pour yourself a glass of zinfandel, turn on dancing with the stars and cry yourself to sleep. Just make sure since your doing the crying that you actually know what your doing. Fantasy Football should be all about having fun. Sure there are some heated exchanges on the message boards during the year, but hey, we’re guys! We can actually go off on a friend and ten minutes later we could be laughing together about something else. Those are the kind of guys i want to hang out with. Never take it personal, or else forget Fantasy Football and take up knitting you bitch! LOL!

I thought this article, when read by some of the guys in our league would automatically think of one or more of the other owners………….. enjoy!

By Matthew Berry
Turns out, Jeff is “That Guy.”

Jeff P., from Snyder, Texas, wrote to me with the following.

“Yo! What’s up with this line from your ‘Draft Day Manifesto’? ‘And certainly, Ben Roethlisberger will be solid.’ (What) happened there in Week 1? Is he going to be going the way of Donovan McNabb or does he really have a comeback season in him somewhere? I need to know before I drop him and try to pick up Cam Newton.”

First, Jeff, I think what happened to Ben in Week 1 was that Baltimore exposed a weak Steelers offensive line and came much more prepared to play. And losing Willie Colon for the season doesn’t help Ben at all.


It’s not a comeback season you’re looking for because there is nothing to come back from. Ben was terrific from a fantasy perspective last season, and he led his team to the Super Bowl. The Steelers play the NFC West this year, starting with a nice home game against the Seahawks this week. He is in the same system, with the same coaches and elite playmakers around him, which is a completely different situation than McNabb is in. The comparison is, to be kind, insane.

I’m pretty sure not even Cam Newton would drop Big Ben for himself after just one week.

Ben will be just fine so, no, I do not recommend dropping him for a rookie who had one good game. Yes, Cam Newton put up an impressive display and is an interesting pickup, but it was one game against one of the worst pass defenses in the league that was geared toward stopping Carolina’s run game. In fact, I’ll even say I’d rather have Rex Grossman or Chad Henne this year than Cam Newton, if you’re looking for a guy. (If you read last week’s “You Heard Me,” you’ll see I am high on both as sleepers this year.)

Don’t be “That Guy,” Jeff. The overreacting guy.

Like anything else in life, there is a right way to do fantasy football and a wrong way. No one likes “That Guy.” Not even if “That Guy” is a girl.

What defines “That Guy?” I asked the gang on my Facebook page and on Twitter what one thing annoyed them the most. This elicited a deluge of responses, more than any other question I have ever posed, and they’re still pouring in.

So, be honest. Are you “That Guy?”

That Guy whines about what could have been. “I would have won if I had started Early Doucet instead of Roddy White.” Yeah, dude, because you’re the only one who would have had a better lineup if you could see into the future.

That Guy talks about his team non-stop. Listen, the least interesting thing in the world to anyone (except me, because it’s my job) is having to hear about any team that is not theirs. You didn’t ask about my team, why do you think I care about yours?

That Guy suggests insane trade offers. No, dude, I do not want to deal Vincent Jackson for Ted Ginn, despite Week 1 results. I’m gonna try and hang tough here. If you wouldn’t trade Vincent Jackson for Ted Ginn, why do you think I would? Unless you’d be honestly willing to do the same trade in reverse, don’t offer it.

Speaking of trades, That Guy doesn’t respond to reasonable trade offers and ignores emails. Hey, you don’t want to do it, that’s fine. A quick “no thanks” takes 10 seconds to type, even if you’re only using your thumbs. Are you in this league or not?

And That Guy doesn’t take no for an answer. If I didn’t want to do the deal in the first place, I’m probably not going to want to do it the 10th time you ask, either.

That Guy talks a bunch of smack but whines when anyone else gives it back to him. You’re either in or you’re out, kid. Don’t dish what you can’t take.

That Guy bails on the season when his team starts losing. Have some pride. You signed up for a league — play it out. It matters to the others in the league. If you can’t handle five minutes a week to set your lineup 14 times in a row (since you’re out of the playoffs), don’t join.

That Guy thinks his team name is the most original name ever, but fails to realize a million different people have all made the same “Double Dwayne Bowe” wordplay. I should do a whole column about that. The most obvious and overused team names. Puns off of Bowe, Arian Foster’s first name and Michael Vick’s last name could fill a column on their own.

That Guy vetoes a trade because it didn’t involve him or her. I’ve said it a million times: The art of negotiating is a skill in fantasy and it is not your job to coach someone else’s team. As long as both teams feel the deal helps their team, regardless of whether you agree, it should go through. The only time a trade should be vetoed is if there is proof of collusion. Otherwise, win on the cyber field, not in bureaucracy. Seriously, de facto vetoing of trades makes you a weasel, not a smart owner.

And as long as we are on deals, That Guy’s word isn’t worth anything. If you agree to a deal, it’s a deal. That Guy will verbally agree to a deal but, then, if something better comes along, or something happens before it can be processed, will rescind the deal. When you agree to a deal, it’s done. Your word needs to mean something.

That Guy is late on making good on his league entry obligations. Really man? If you can’t, don’t join. And if you can, don’t make me chase you down.

That Guy brags about his team and getting “sleepers.” You’re right dude. You’re the only one who saw that Dez Bryant might be good this year.

That Guy can’t think for himself. I can’t tell you how many tweets I get that the person has asked multiple analysts the same question. So you don’t care who gives you advice as long as it’s someone? Anyone? How many opinions do you need? I never answer those.

Or worse, That Guy just blindly follows someone’s advice. I’m the first person to say “It’s your team, you know it better than I do, use me and others as a resource but, ultimately, you should be the one to pull the trigger.”

That Guy is lazy. Or stupid. Can’t tell you how many “this RB or that RB” questions I get. I’m like … you realize I rank every player every week for exactly this reason, right? If it’s a weird scoring system or a running back versus wide receiver question that you want my take on, I get it. But in general, if I have one player ranked higher than another, that’s whom I would start. Check my rankings. I don’t do them for my health.

That Guy is irrational. No, LeGarrette Blount will not average only five carries a game this season. Calm down.

That Guy is someone who asks for your opinion and argues with you. Hey, you asked for my opinion. I gave it to you. I don’t care if you take it or ignore it, just don’t argue with me about it.

That Guy is an Internet tough guy. If you wouldn’t say it my face, don’t say it on a message board or behind a screen name. Nobody is perfect, tough guy, not even you.

That Guy doesn’t read the league rules or emails, but then asks the commish 10 minutes before the draft, “Hey, how do I log in? And wait, this is a PPR league?”

That Guy is a sexist. Won’t let a woman in his league or thinks it’s the end of the world when he loses to a woman. Some of the smartest sports people I know and best fantasy players I’ve seen are women. Everyone plays. Get used to it and get better.

Having said that, don’t be That Guy who brings his non-playing girlfriend or wife to the draft. If you’re not in the league, you’re not invited.

But mostly, That Guy ruins your enjoyment of the greatest game ever invented. Don’t be That Guy.

PatronBowl Week 2 in the books!

Week 2 is in the books and i got my first win! It wasn’t pretty and i was nervous all the way into Monday nights game. I was up by 10 going into Monday nights game with Hakeem Nicks questionable for the game. Huss Monkeys (my opponent) had Mario Manningham left to play and with Hakeem nicked up i thought for sure i was gonna lose. Luckily Hakeem played and Mario left the game at the half with a concussion to secure my win. Hakeem didn’t really perform up to normal expectations but his points did the job. The Giants were targeting Mario pretty often and on deep passing routes, so i think if Mario would’ve stayed in the game i would have lost. But now i sit in 5th on the board after week 2 with a matchup against the leagues hottest team in week 3.

That “hottest team” is the Forty Whiners. He took out last years second place team by 54 points. Brians team is looking good and i’m not looking forward to this matchup. I may have to put my hopes in some longshots on my roster. He finished off TeamSplinters in week 2 with Plaxico Burress in his lineup who got him a big goose egg! And he still beat him by over 50! This makes 2 weeks in a row he’s scored over 200. Ok Brian, good luck! I know your at the Nevada State Police academy now so i hope you really don’t have that much time to check your lineup…………. if that even really matters with your team!

Other week 2 matchups had the Roostr beating BBFCFM to get to a quiet 2-0. Chiefs Fan is also 2-0 after beating Show Me The Money with a little help from Miles Austin and Matthew Stafford. And the Battle of the brothers ended with LDiggity getting the best of Cardinal and Gold thanks to a pretty well rounded lineup effort. Well, maybe except for DeSean Jackson, but hey, a win is a win.

Good luck in week 3!

Here’s the rankings so far:

Lightning Strike Aftermath

On Saturday morning we had a nice sized thunderstorm that produced large amounts of thunder and lightning and even some hail. The storm was big enough to knock my directv out for a while. Sabrina and i were watching the hail come down from our living room patio door with Goldie. We had just brought Goldie in luckily because it started dumping rain and i’m not sure he would’ve liked the hail. As we were watching, the largest and most awe inspiring crackle of lightning struck like it was right on top of our house. Sabrina and i both were kind of knocked back a few steps from the sound. I have never ever heard a sound so loud in my life. It was a Wrath of God type of sound, words do not do it justice. It almost seemed like the lightning struck right on the other side of our backyard hill. Later when everything had calmed and we felt better about leaving Goldie at home in the yard we ran some errands and found the spot where that bolt hit. Instead of being right on the other side of the hill it was actually about a half mile away on El Toro Rd. Here’s a few shots of the aftermath and the poor palm tree that took the brunt of the fierce storm.

Patron Bowl stats going into Sunday!

My Los Bastardos received a decent game from my 8th round draft pick Robert Meachem. He had 5 catches for 70 yards and a TD to get me 18 pts. I just hope it’s enough, my opponent “BBFCFM” hasn’t had anybody play yet. Marques Colston did go down with a broken collarbone though and is out for 4 weeks or so, so Meachem gets a bump on the depth chart. That should help me for the next few weeks.

“FortyWhiner” got a nice game from Jennings to pull him ahead of “ShowMeTheMoney”. As usual Brees and Rodgers went off in their debut to give “TheRoostr” and “HussMonkeys” some nice go ahead points.

But it all comes down to Sunday. All those points we get on a Thursday are nice, but if the rest of our team doesn’t perform on Sunday and the other team goes off…………………then it doesn’t mean shit!

All eyes will be on Stattracker come Sunday! Well, the teams that actually give a shit will be watching………………………. update on Sunday!

Tequila 101

Having a good time with Duffi and Brian’s family. Getting schooled in real tequila tasting with Dave! He is the man. Tonights tasting is casa noble! Very good! Last night was La Fortaleza! Excellent!!


It’s a Bloody morning!

Sitting at Sarducci’s with my wife after mass at Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano….



Praying for your sins!


Draft results coming soon…

I’m still hungover so my post and thoughts on the draft will be coming soon…………… Where’s that redbull?

Girls were gone….

While the boys started drinking Patron at 10 am for the official draft, the girls went out for mani/pedis. I promised my wife I would post this pic……sorry, it won’t happen again!


Diggity has arrived!

Diggity shows up to the draft prepared!!


Who’s buying the Patron?

Look what I found at Costco! Hook it up! I’m not the one that needs to buy the Patron this year, that duty has fell on “Show me the Money”. But if I did, I might consider this one. It’s the large Patron Silver and comes with a Patron ice bucket!! Sweet!
I found it at The District Costco in case you wanted to know….. Hint hint…..



Stone 15th Anniversary

The day was cool! I’m glad we only got the half day pass because a full day would have been too much. We got ten tabs on out wristbands along with our commemorative glass, so we only got ten samples from all the breweries participating. We pretty much went through 5 of them within the first hour, but we had to, we got there late! I am partial to the Belgians and was not disappointed. My favorite was from a brewery in belgium and it was called Urthel. Nice unfiltered Belgian that I will buy if I can find it. I’m noticing lately the unfiltered beers are gaining my appreciation. Brian’s favorite was from a brewery called Lost Abbey and it was the Witches Wit, another Belgian style beer. He said he was enjoyably surprised by it, I’ll be looking for that also since they are a local brewery out of San Marcos.
The day was fun and there were some characters there! We stopped at the actual brewery to fill some growlers and then made our way to our hotel. I can’t wait for next year and both Brian and I agreed we should get a big party to go. Hopefully next year Stone breaks out a special edition of Vertical Epic 08! My favorite!
Now it’s on to a tequila bar at 6:30 for dinner and high quality tequila!!



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