2006 Inaugural Season……

The Patron Bowl Fantasy Football League first started in 2006 as a “no pay” league. There was no money on the line and i guess you could call it a trial run! “Dirk Diggler” won the championship that year, is now known as “The Roostr” and hasn’t won since. But he did finish 3rd in 2007 and made it look like he was gonna run the table this year. It’s interesting that out of the ten teams that played that year, 4 of them are no longer in the league. Only the hardcore survived!

Shaun Alexander #1 pick in 2006………….. really???

Yes, really! In 2005 Shaun had 1,880 yards rushing with 27 TD’s! WHAT?? Shaun also added another touchdown receiving in 2005 to give him 28 on the year. Then to follow up that stellar season he broke his foot in week 3 and ended up with 896 yards rushing with 7 TD’s in 2006………

Yeah, he had a great season (but Ladanian Tomlinson had just as good a season, if not better, in 2006).

Oh, did i mention he was also featured on the cover of Madden NFL ’07 that year? Damn curse!

some 2006 Top Performers:

Touchdowns: LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego (31 TDs)
Rushing touchdowns: LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego (28 TDs)
Rushing yards:
LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego (1,815 yards)
Passing touchdowns: Peyton Manning, Indianapolis (31 TDs)
Passing yards: Drew Brees, New Orleans (4,418 yards)
Pass receptions: Andre Johnson, Houston (103 catches)
Pass receiving yards: Chad Johnson, Cincinnati (1,369 yards)
Pass receiving touchdowns: Terrel Owens, Cincinnati (13 TDs)

Check out rounds 1 through 3 of the draft that year


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