2007……Money in the bank!

2007 was the first pay year of our league and pretty uneventful as far as trash talking was concerned. I think everyone was testing the waters, wanting to make sure who could take it without crying in their soup! Most of the trash talk was college football related as we had USC, UCLA and Notre Dame fans. We had a college football pick’em game going on simultaneously but the shit talking spilled over into this message board.

The new entrance fee for the league was $100 per team. We had 9 solo owners and 1 co-managed team (51/50’s). It was a “winner take all” year but have since refined the payout. 51/50’s took the championship, about $800 after fees and the new trophy, but not by much. The final matchup was decided by 11 points over El Presidente and The Roostr came in 3rd.

51/50’s, who was a 1 and done team in the league, still managed to be the first to get their names on the brand new trophy.

(Correction: 51/50’s actually played one more year in the league and then quit)

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