2008 was the year of L-Diggity. L-Diggity drafted Carson Palmer that year but finished the year with Kurt Warner….. that seems like it was a key pickup! Larry took home the second year trophy with a 9-4 record and beat HussMonkeys in the final 139-107. BBFCFM finished the year in 3rd place, his best finish to date and the new guy, Chiefs Fan, came in last. Since Chiefs Fan was the new guy he had to bring a bottle of Patron to the draft, but since he did come in last he had to buy it AGAIN in 2009…..lol! There were also some funny ass email chains. Oh yeah, i picked Mark Freakin’ Bulger as my QB in the SECOND ROUND! WTF was i doing?? There was a quick 3 for 1 trade that got the message board buzzing.

Here is the first 3 rounds of the draft that year:

Check this out! It was the first trade of the year, involved The Roostr and Chiefs Fan and started a scandal:

Here’s some posts from the message board regarding this trade:


Hurry up Yahoo!!!


I have now seen it all, who the fuck accepted the most lopsided trade? This is some bullshit sproles isn’t worth the value of any of the players.
I demand a recount.
This new fella is sure making some waves his first year in the league


Yahoo Sports realized I was just giving up Welker for Sproles!! Thanks you COCK! Looks like the protesting didn’t do anything. LOL! I think we both did good on this trade.


Let the complaining begin!!


If LT misses any real time or stays hurt for a while, it will make Sproles pretty important. I am surprised Rooster dealt Sproles,,,,,what a COCK.


Diggity watch OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chief’s has SPROLES!!!!!!!!! Thats an automatic win!!!!
After all he gave up his whole team to get him!
You are screwed!!!!!!


week 3:
Welker – 12
Muhammad – 5
Maroney -23
Sproles – 12
Come on guys quit bitching!!!
That was a fair trade!!!!


everyone knows it is smart to trade your best wr a solid rb and throw in an extra running back
For a back up rb who in the game 10% of the time and whose number 1 rb is the best in the league and after the mid point of the season gets 95% of the work. Seems like it was the fairest trade ever


I want in on the action…..
Mason Crosby for Steve Smith, Larry Johnson and Santana Moss


Why didn’t the league reject the trade? I only hear from 2 teams that think it is a bad trade. Don’t forget to use your veto power!! Sproles got 12 pts don’t forget to count that. Mitches!


Chicks Dig Me!!!!! Bottom Line!!!!


Don’t know why everyone is whining. Sproles had 12, Welker had 12. That’s pretty even. Muhammad had a whole 5 points & Maroney got blanked! I don’t see anyone lining up to try and trade for Muhammad, right Vic…
What’s even funnier is that the player Vic dropped (Williams) had more points than both!


it’s fun to bitch!

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