It’s “almost” time for Dodger Baseball…….

Well it’s that time of year again! Thursday is Opening Day and i’ll be in the best ballpark in all of baseball that day, i can’t wait. What makes it even better is the Dodgers play the hated Giants and it should be interesting to see how many smack talking Giants fans show up, considering they just won their first San Francisco World Series Championship. Not only is it Los Angeles Dodgers Opening Day, it’s also MLB Opening Day! Prime time game at 5pm on ESPN to start the entire season. Clayton Kershaw vs. Tim Lincecum. Kershaw’s looked great in the preseason, let’s hope he keeps it up!

Another Dodger Opening Day tradition continues. I’ve been going to Dodger opening days for years now and can’t remember the last one i didn’t go to. I purchased a 14 game mini plan this year and hope it’s a good season. The Dodgers didn’t spend much money this year considering what the damn chowd‘s that own the franchise are going through, but nonetheless, i bleed BLUE through and through! Here’s a breakdown of my 14 game mini plan:

It’ll be the usual suspects at the game with me starting the day out early about noon. We’ll head downtown for a bite to eat, then off to The Shortstop for some pregame $2 PBR‘s! Then we’ll head over to the stadium about 4pm to get in for the opening ceremonies.

Rumor has it that someone from up north has hired a plane to trail a “World Series Champions” banner over Dodger Stadium during the game. Oh tell me it isn’t so! C’mon Villaraigosa……… block that shit! At least get the jet’s flying over opening ceremonies to shoot that plane down! LOL! But if it is true, i have to give them props. Out of all the places to do it, Dodger Stadium would be the place. After all, these 2 clubs are arch enemies………. well maybe not enemies per say, but this rivalry is one of the biggest and longest in sports.

It’s gonna be an awesome day! I’ll post some pics and some stories from the day………… because there are always stories! THINK BLUE!

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