2011 L.A. Dodgers Opening Day……..revisited

Thursday was the Los Angeles Dodgers Opening Day and it turned out to be an awesome day as usual. The day started out at 11am to meet Erik and Rudy in Anaheim Hills and the weather couldn’t have been better for baseball! After we met up we headed downtown for an early lunch at The Pantry. I love this place, everything you order comes in a good size portion and is exactly what i needed before heading to The Short Stop for some $2 PBR’s. We all had a Chopped Philly Cheese Steak with fries and a heaping serving of their awesome cole slaw.

Then it was off to The Short Stop! I’ve never seen this place so packed! it was wall to wall people, standing room only! I proceeded to get my fill of $2 PBR’s in 2 hours then we headed for Opening Ceremonies at the Stadium. As we were leaving we noticed there was a line to get into the place that was probably 30 people deep. That was the first time we had seen a line to get in. Word has spread……

We got to the stadium parking lot about 3:30 pm and it was damn hot! had a few PBR’s in me and was feeling good! Damn Giants Fans did actually rent a plane to pull a banner that read “SF Giants 2010 Champs – Dodgers Still Suck! From Giants Fans”……… oh man, really? You had to go there? But then i saw another plane pulling a banner that read ” LA-5 SF-1 Giants Suck!”………… oh yeah, the banner wars! Baseball has officially begun! Check out coverage from the guys that took of the Dodgers banner here: lataco.com.

Somewhere in the middle of all this i took my hat off and put it on my hood and placed my iphone on the bumper of my car, but when we headed to the gates………. i forgot my phone. I realized it when we got to the gates and ran back to the car in 95° heat. It only took me 5 minutes to get back, but to no avail………. it was gone. Damn! Now i was all bummed out. Asked a few suspect looking Dodger fans hanging out around the cars if they saw a phone, yeah right! Like they were gonna tell me. So i got back to the gates where Erik and Rudy were waiting for me and asked Erik to call my phone to see if anyone would answer. No dice. So i had to call AT&T to stop service. At least they couldn’t use it anymore and i would have to get online and change some passwords when i got home since i don’t lock my phone, or didn’t use to lock my phone. That kind of put a damper on the game for me but i sucked it up and tried to enjoy the rest of the day anyway. There was nothing else i could do unless a good samaritan decided to investigate who’s phone it was and try and contact said owner……….. still waiting. C’mon holmes be a nice guy for once!

The opening ceremonies were classic as usual for Dodger Opening Day. Placido Domingo sang the national anthem whilst Old Glory took up the entire outfield and it was a beautiful sight. Brought a tear to my eye as usual. The flyover was a Stealth Bomber and you couldn’t even hear that thing flying in, hence the word “Stealth” i guess……… lol. Check out the video:

There were your fair share of Giants fans in the house but that was to be expected. Not really any unruly Giants fans and Dodgers fans weren’t out of control so, no fights in our general area to mention.

Clayton Kershaw pitched seven shutout innings to get the victory in the Dodgers 2-1 season Opening win and Clayton’s first Opening Day start. Kershaw struck out 9, walked 1 and held the Giants to 4 hits. The Dodgers bats didn’t exactly pummel Lincecum but they did enough. The Dodgers took a 1-0 lead in the sixth thanks to a couple of Giants errors. But hey, we’ll take it.

Kemp doubled the lead in the eighth inning, when he walked, stole second base and scored on a double by James Loney. Kemp looks like he could have an awesome season if he remains this focused throughout the year. Here’s a nice piece by Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times………. Matt Kemp makes strides in Dodgers’ win over San Francisco

Kuo came in to close the 8th and then Broxton finished them off, but not before giving up a solo shot to Pat Burrell.

I know Broxton is a mountain of a man, but he’s lost something. I don’t know what it is, i’d be rich if i did, but he’s not himself. Let’s hope we don’t have to endure this type of being unsure in what should be automatic shutdowns in the 9th inning throughout the season.

All in all it was another great opening day and i’m looking forward to a good season. As i write this, the Dodgers completed their home opening stand with the Giants taking 3 out of 4. Not bad against the defending world chumps and considering no one had much to say about the Dodgers making any noise this season. I know, i know……….. it’s only 4 games. But hopefully we saw something this opening weekend. Remember, the ’88 Dodgers weren’t exactly sporting a superstar lineup that year either and look what happened. Still wearing my Dodger Blue gear through thick and thin!

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