My iPhone 4 curse!

So apparently the iphone4 and I were not meant to coexist. Back when the iPhone 4 first came out I had to wait in the longest line I ever waited in, which took me approximately 12 hours. Then after having it about 3 months, I accidentally water logged it by jumping in the pool with it in my pocket. Luckily that phone was replaced for free by the good people at Apple. I don’t know why they replaced it for free, they just did and I wasn’t asking any questions. It was relatively issue free until opening day in which I lost it in a matter of 10-15 minutes. I left it on my front bumper on departing my car for the Dodgers top deck gates but quickly realized my mistake. I ran back to the car in 95 degree heat only to realize it had been taken. Called it from my friends phone, no answer. So I had no other choice but to call AT&T and halt service on it. It’s probably already jailbroken and a nice new Dodger fan opening day gift! Did i have the find my iphone app activated? No. Did i have a passcode on it? No. Stupid mistakes on my part especially since the new find my iphone feature just became free a month ago. After changing all my passwords for every little app and financial website, I went to AT&T to check out my options. I can’t live without a phone!

I proceeded to buy a new iPhone 4, smaller 16 gig version and add a new line to my plan so I wouldn’t have to pay full price for the phone. But as of today…….VOLUME DOESN’T WORK!! Crap!!!!!! So it looks like I’m taking another trip to the AT&T/Apple store tonight! Aaaaargh!

Oh iPhone 5, where art thou?

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