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Wurstkuche Restaurant….

A friend of mine (Juan Alcantar) has posted on his Facebook page recently that he stopped by this place. Then my coworker (Jose Garcia) mentioned he went and added it was pretty good. Now that i have seen the menu and the beers on tap from their website……….

I HAVE TO GO!!! Who can argue with sausages and beer??? I will go check it out soon and let you know how it rates. But i anticipate a great experience. Just the Belgian beers on tap are getting me excited!! Who wants to go??

In the mean time, check out the website here:  Wurstkuche

ATTN PatronBowl League Owners! PatronBowl Poll results…….

After our poll resulted in the majority ready to step up to new management site, the site i was considering does not seem to have a quality “live scoring” interface that is on par with our old league site. They do have an an “add-on” program called “gameday” but it is only available for the PC. I think a lot of people in our league use macs so this option would not actually help. So i think i am going to stick with Yahoo! for the time being. The live scoring app they use is pretty user friendly . There was a bit of lag time last year and the chat feature broke down half the time but hopefully they have worked on that in the off season. Now let’s just hope we actually have a season!

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The League Rocks! Stop the Lockout!

Found a pretty cool article on the NFL and The Rams…..

Found a pretty cool article by By Adam Rank of  I was always a Rams fan, but once they left L.A. high and dry i just couldn’t root for them anymore. It’s just not the same when your team is located in a different city…… it’s NOT your home town! That’s not to say i wouldn’t welcome them back with open arms. I don’t blame the players for the past, but i did blame the ownership. But now that Georgia is no longer around, maybe we can reconcile……… news: Rams are the only team that belongs in Los Angeles.

Hawaii 2011 Random Pics

I think i've had too much caffeine!IMG_0006IMG_0009In LahainaIn LahainaIMG_0059-2
Awesome ViewLahaina HarborJesus is Coming!Chillin'Sabrina and Jaime's mom checking out the turtlesTurtle sighting on our beach
Mark and the boysIt's so!DSCF0609DSCF0610IMG_0348IMG_0356

Hawaii 2011, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Hawaiian Vacation with the Vealeys on Maui and Oahu!

Check out…..

Check out this site and let me know if you see any advantages. I think it would be pretty cool. We would have to pay for the membership but we would get a discount for transferring from Yahoo.

Click here to see their comparison to Yahoo:  Comparison-to-yahoo

Here is their home address: