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FanDraft Electronic Fantasy Football Software test

I’ve been looking for an alternative to a giant draft board with stickers for a while…….. i may have found the one. I was referred to FanDraft by our reigning league champion and I am in the process of testing out the “light” version. The idea here is to have an electronic draft board that team managers can load up on their laptops at the same time by way of meeting software to see the picks as they happen. This is mostly a great idea for the teams that can’t actually make the draft in person and does not require a phone call every 30 minutes to repeat the last 1o picks made before the no-shows turn. At the same time we can’t and wont actually do away with the physical draft board itself. It has become to much a part of the actual draft experience here at PatronBowl Central. After all, after the draft is completed, everyone continues to party it up in the pool with the board itself being moved to a viewable location and trade proposals, kudos on this pick or laughter at that pick ensuing throughout the remainder of the day and night. The same continues into the next day, hangover and all in the pool. So i could never really get rid of it all together. But there is always going to be that one year that somebody can’t make it and i don’t like using the phone every 30 minutes.

So i’ll test out this software and see what it shows me. I’ll post my review this weekend and some screen shots. It does cost $30 and is renewable every year for $15. Luckily the meeting software of choice is free and they both are Mac compatible since the majority of the league uses a Mac.

I can tell you one thing it has that i already like………… a TIMER with an airhorn!!

If you’re interested in checking out the Draft software, click here and check it out: FanDraft