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Draft Day Rounds 1-3

Here are the results from rounds 1-3. Not really a stretch from anybody as far as i can see but you may have other ideas. I did have the number 1 pick and pulled the trigger on Arian Foster only to see him limp out of the game on Sunday after the draft. He does say he’ll be ready to go…………. I HOPE SO!! If he is healed up, he’ll be deadly!

My strategy was to go RB, RB then WR and i think i did pretty good. Arian followed by McFadden then Hakeem Nicks. Since the top QB’s went early i figured i’d wait that one out. I was hoping Mendenhall would fall to me but Cardinal and Gold picked him up right before my pick. So be it, McFadden is a decent pick in a PPR league. So far after 3 rounds everyone’s team was looking pretty good!

Draft Day Random Pics

Here’s a couple random pics from draft day with the usual suspects. Unfortunately the reigning champion HussMonkeys and Cardinal and Gold couldn’t make it. Yeah, we get this shit going big time!

Draft results coming soon…

I’m still hungover so my post and thoughts on the draft will be coming soon…………… Where’s that redbull?

Girls were gone….

While the boys started drinking Patron at 10 am for the official draft, the girls went out for mani/pedis. I promised my wife I would post this pic……sorry, it won’t happen again!


Diggity has arrived!

Diggity shows up to the draft prepared!!


ChampĀ² finally gets me some pics!

After much coaxing and with the next season already about to begin, here are some picks of the first 2-time winner with the trophy in Carolina! Huss Monkeys is the reigning 2 time champ and wont be able to make it to the draft but he looks pretty happy! I actually got pissed last year and told everyone i wasn’t going to be commissioner anymore because i was tired of all of the managers whining about one thing or another. It’s almost like being a teacher in the first grade! So i told all of them after the year was over, “the champion can take that trophy and shove it up your ass, i’m out!”…………! I didn’t think anyone would take it seriously! Damn! I need to wash that thing!

TheTaste of Victory........TWICE

Yeah, we know........twice

That had to hurt............ or maybe not?

Who’s buying the Patron?

Look what I found at Costco! Hook it up! I’m not the one that needs to buy the Patron this year, that duty has fell on “Show me the Money”. But if I did, I might consider this one. It’s the large Patron Silver and comes with a Patron ice bucket!! Sweet!
I found it at The District Costco in case you wanted to know….. Hint hint…..