A PatronBowl Epic email!!

The Digg put everyone on check today! He just fired the first shot across everyone’s bow. Let’s see who can take it, respond, get’s pissed off or runs and hides! I LOVE IT!! It’s that time of year i’ve been waiting for!

Here’s the email:

What’s up losers? I’m gonna have to stir this bitch up because you because I’m not gonna sit in a boring ass league with you cocks!!

First of all, what the deal with Rooster, is he taking a page from Shane? Should he change his name to Rooster Laden? And speaking of Shane Laden, I see he is still in hiding, probably won’t even show up for the draft like pussy boy “champ squared” New rule if you win the trophy and don’t show up for the draft the following year your plaque gets removed, WTF!!!

Also I’m a little nervous about this weekend because I heard that “the Splinters” (AKA Adam Corolla) are going to strike. Uh oh now what are we all going to do???

Jerry must be in a Tequila black out still.

Brian is delusional and believes his beginners luck is going to carry over this year. Buy the way cock, you are the worst GM ever. Everyone is lining up to make trades with you.

Aaron is thinking about drafting Mc Fadden in the 7th round and is going to get mad at everyone when they won’t trade there best player for him.

John, I’m still waiting for your Pre draft blow up!!!

And Al….. Meh. Why bother.


One response

  1. Larry

    I bet you the guy who wrote that e-mail is really sexy!!

    August 17, 2011 at 1:15 pm

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