Stone 15th Anniversary

The day was cool! I’m glad we only got the half day pass because a full day would have been too much. We got ten tabs on out wristbands along with our commemorative glass, so we only got ten samples from all the breweries participating. We pretty much went through 5 of them within the first hour, but we had to, we got there late! I am partial to the Belgians and was not disappointed. My favorite was from a brewery in belgium and it was called Urthel. Nice unfiltered Belgian that I will buy if I can find it. I’m noticing lately the unfiltered beers are gaining my appreciation. Brian’s favorite was from a brewery called Lost Abbey and it was the Witches Wit, another Belgian style beer. He said he was enjoyably surprised by it, I’ll be looking for that also since they are a local brewery out of San Marcos.
The day was fun and there were some characters there! We stopped at the actual brewery to fill some growlers and then made our way to our hotel. I can’t wait for next year and both Brian and I agreed we should get a big party to go. Hopefully next year Stone breaks out a special edition of Vertical Epic 08! My favorite!
Now it’s on to a tequila bar at 6:30 for dinner and high quality tequila!!


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