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ChampĀ² finally gets me some pics!

After much coaxing and with the next season already about to begin, here are some picks of the first 2-time winner with the trophy in Carolina! Huss Monkeys is the reigning 2 time champ and wont be able to make it to the draft but he looks pretty happy! I actually got pissed last year and told everyone i wasn’t going to be commissioner anymore because i was tired of all of the managers whining about one thing or another. It’s almost like being a teacher in the first grade! So i told all of them after the year was over, “the champion can take that trophy and shove it up your ass, i’m out!”…………! I didn’t think anyone would take it seriously! Damn! I need to wash that thing!

TheTaste of Victory........TWICE

Yeah, we know........twice

That had to hurt............ or maybe not?