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Draft Day Rounds 1-3

Here are the results from rounds 1-3. Not really a stretch from anybody as far as i can see but you may have other ideas. I did have the number 1 pick and pulled the trigger on Arian Foster only to see him limp out of the game on Sunday after the draft. He does say he’ll be ready to go…………. I HOPE SO!! If he is healed up, he’ll be deadly!

My strategy was to go RB, RB then WR and i think i did pretty good. Arian followed by McFadden then Hakeem Nicks. Since the top QB’s went early i figured i’d wait that one out. I was hoping Mendenhall would fall to me but Cardinal and Gold picked him up right before my pick. So be it, McFadden is a decent pick in a PPR league. So far after 3 rounds everyone’s team was looking pretty good!


Draft Day Random Pics

Here’s a couple random pics from draft day with the usual suspects. Unfortunately the reigning champion HussMonkeys and Cardinal and Gold couldn’t make it. Yeah, we get this shit going big time!