Lightning Strike Aftermath

On Saturday morning we had a nice sized thunderstorm that produced large amounts of thunder and lightning and even some hail. The storm was big enough to knock my directv out for a while. Sabrina and i were watching the hail come down from our living room patio door with Goldie. We had just brought Goldie in luckily because it started dumping rain and i’m not sure he would’ve liked the hail. As we were watching, the largest and most awe inspiring crackle of lightning struck like it was right on top of our house. Sabrina and i both were kind of knocked back a few steps from the sound. I have never ever heard a sound so loud in my life. It was a Wrath of God type of sound, words do not do it justice. It almost seemed like the lightning struck right on the other side of our backyard hill. Later when everything had calmed and we felt better about leaving Goldie at home in the yard we ran some errands and found the spot where that bolt hit. Instead of being right on the other side of the hill it was actually about a half mile away on El Toro Rd. Here’s a few shots of the aftermath and the poor palm tree that took the brunt of the fierce storm.

One response

  1. joesports

    That’s Awesome! Hope you’re All alright!

    September 11, 2011 at 5:20 pm

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