PatronBowl Week 2 in the books!

Week 2 is in the books and i got my first win! It wasn’t pretty and i was nervous all the way into Monday nights game. I was up by 10 going into Monday nights game with Hakeem Nicks questionable for the game. Huss Monkeys (my opponent) had Mario Manningham left to play and with Hakeem nicked up i thought for sure i was gonna lose. Luckily Hakeem played and Mario left the game at the half with a concussion to secure my win. Hakeem didn’t really perform up to normal expectations but his points did the job. The Giants were targeting Mario pretty often and on deep passing routes, so i think if Mario would’ve stayed in the game i would have lost. But now i sit in 5th on the board after week 2 with a matchup against the leagues hottest team in week 3.

That “hottest team” is the Forty Whiners. He took out last years second place team by 54 points. Brians team is looking good and i’m not looking forward to this matchup. I may have to put my hopes in some longshots on my roster. He finished off TeamSplinters in week 2 with Plaxico Burress in his lineup who got him a big goose egg! And he still beat him by over 50! This makes 2 weeks in a row he’s scored over 200. Ok Brian, good luck! I know your at the Nevada State Police academy now so i hope you really don’t have that much time to check your lineup…………. if that even really matters with your team!

Other week 2 matchups had the Roostr beating BBFCFM to get to a quiet 2-0. Chiefs Fan is also 2-0 after beating Show Me The Money with a little help from Miles Austin and Matthew Stafford. And the Battle of the brothers ended with LDiggity getting the best of Cardinal and Gold thanks to a pretty well rounded lineup effort. Well, maybe except for DeSean Jackson, but hey, a win is a win.

Good luck in week 3!

Here’s the rankings so far:

One response

  1. JD

    I’m going to miss Miles Austin in week 3!

    September 21, 2011 at 7:55 pm

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