Yeah, it was one of those weeks……..

So what do i do when i have one of “those weeks”? I tend to indulge in the quality liquor! In this case it’s the Casa Noble tequila!

I remember years ago i was at a wedding with my dad and he suggested we sip on some tequila. We proceeded to head to the bar and take a seat. Hell yeah, i was ready to get my buzz on and it was a wedding! My dad lived in Monrovia at the time and had since moved to Vegas to look after my awesome Grandmother. My dad, the man i’m named after, IS a quality individual who served his country and i am more than proud to be named after. He taught me how to be a man and instilled all the beliefs in me that make me proud to call him my father! We sat down at the bar of the Embassy Suites in Santa Ana and ordered. Back then i wasn’t into the quality liquor yet, so i let my pops order for us. Of course i trusted his decision and thought i could handle anything. I can’t exactly remember the tequila he ordered,  it was a silver and it was on the rocks, but “GAWD” i thought i would throw up. Now this was back in my 20’s, i am now at the ripe age of 42, and couldn’t appreciate the quality of a good tequila. Back then all i thought tequila was good for was a shot or two. But now in my older years i am finally realizing the intricacies of a fine quality tequila. I could tell  he knew i wasn’t exactly enjoying it so he decided to order me a beer and took over my glass of tequila with out even asking. I remember thinking to myself “thank god”. I never told him, nor asked him to “PLEASE FINISH MY TEQUILA”, but a man knows his son, and this man knew his son. Maybe it was from the look on my face or maybe the little gag i gave after the first sip, but he knew! He had no problem finishing what i couldn’t start, but I guess he had already had many years of doing of that for his son. We proceeded to finish our drinks and rejoin his brothers wedding after some talk about SC Football or some minor chit chat. I can’t exactly remember the conversation because i was in a bad place back then. We went our separate ways once again after the wedding and i re imagined it over and over again. I look back now, and wish i could have that moment back. Maybe it’s my older years, maybe it’s my older age, who knows. If i knew then what i know now, it would go completely different. I remember the lessons and the things you told me to watch out for in people pops! Not everything went in one ear and out another. I want that time back, i want those quality moments back to ask my father the questions i should have asked back then but was too much of a punk ass to do. Luckily my dad is still here, and i still have that time and i need to do something about it and i will. these are the type of moments that make people who they are today. These are the type of moments that i realize not everyone had. And these are the type of moments i realize that i was lucky to have but need to follow up on. I’m just a man, a regular kind of guy with a regular kind of job that goes through the typical things that go on everyday in an unorganized company. But sometimes things sit in my mind a little too strongly and I need a release. These are the times i think of my pops and the quality man he is and how he handles things that would drive a normal man nuts……….. but i add the Casa Noble!

Yeah, it was one of those weeks……….

This drink dad, this one is for you!!

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