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Poll: Which Rims do you like the best?

Starting to look at options for my F-150. Probably gonna go with 22’s.

34 points?…………Seriously??

Going into this weekends matchup i had a pretty good feeling about getting a win. Especially after Thursday night and MIchael Bush going off, i felt even better! Then halfway through the Houston Texans game i thought it would be a little close but Arian Foster was going off yet once again. AND THEN………… Detroit sucked the big one and gave up 34 points to the Bears defense??? It seems as though i am the guy that other teams get their defense rolling with ridiculous points! In week 8 i had sure win until Detroit racked up 42 POINTS against Tebow’s sorry ass! Man this is frustrating! I still have an outside shot if i could for once get an awesome showing from my defense. I’m not holding my breath though because i don’t get the luck these other guys seem to get. Yeah i said LUCK, there is no way in hell the other managers knew they were gonna get these kinds of points from their defense. I need Green Bay to shut down Minnesota and maybe get a few sacks here and there? C’mon Clay Matthews! Here’s my matchup so far going into tonight’s game:


Vertical Epic 11.11.11 release!

Oh man, I am loving this brew. It’s right up my alley as far as Belgians go. Nice amber color, hints of banana, cinnamon and New Mexico Green Chile! So far I am impressed and am taking a few bottles home. Brian Crowson and i are loving our day off! Off to the Taco Shop then home to enjoy our growlers…… maybe we’ll add some Casa Noble!! Want more info on the beer? Check it out here: Vertical Epic 11.11.11


R.I.P. Heavy D………

Heavy D, the former leader of the hip-hop group Heavy D and the Boyz, has died at the age of 44. The rapper was rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles earlier this afternoon and was pronounced dead at 1 p.m. PT. Police are investigating his death but there are no signs of foul play.

Remember this jam? Man, those were the days!