Oh it’s on! It’s time to figure out who the PatronBowl Champion will be!
This year we will have a NEW Champion.
Will it be BBFCFM or Roostr(no e)??? Good luck to the both of you!

Championship Matchup
(5)BBFCFM vs. (2)Roostr:


In this corner we have 5th seed BBFCFM, who has put together a very nice season!
He put together a 7-6 record to get into the playoffs and has been putting up points since.
After taking much email grief from a “How’s my ass taste” L-Diggity squad,
he just may be able to return the favor when it’s all over.
He has to overcome a 20 point projected points matchup,
but we all really know these projections don’t mean shit!
His opponent only got 7pts. from Jacoby Jones last night, but does that matter?
It just may come down to Monday night when his QB goes for Atlanta.


Roostr (NO E DAMMIT!)

In this corner we have the #2 seed Roostr…….
he went into the playoffs with a 9-3 record and has dismantled his last 2 opponents.
After what everyone thought was going to be a runaway season last year only to falter half way through, he’s on the brink of redeeming himself. Going through the season with the main Saints scoring machines, he’s been hard to beat. Can he keep it up?
Or will the underdog prevail?
Will i need to explain to the people that make my plaques for the trophy that yes……..
Roostr is spelled with “no e”?

Here’s the matchup:


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