Playoffs Recap….

Here we go! Championship weekend started last night! I was gone for a week and didn’t get to update the matchups from round 1. Apparently L-Diggity wasn’t fucking around! He became “Team Tweezers” to MIke’s Team Splinters! Looks like L-Diggity made the best of the “All Free Agency Bowl” and took home $50 from a draft day bet to top off a very nice season from the most injury riddled team in Patron Bowl history! Hey Mike, don’t forget to send Digg his money!! i know you have his address!!! Nice Job Digg!

In the other Matchup, BBFCFM was able to take out the reigning 2-time champion Huss Monkeys……pretty handily in fact! He beat him by a good 60 points! Nice job Cuz and nice season Mike, but your reign has ended. Mike has asked whoever wins to take care of “his” trophy………lol!

The first matchup for the Semi Finals was BBFCFM vs Chiefs Fan. Chiefs Fan has been a machine all year and was not looking like a good matchup for BBFCFM but he somehow pulled it off to make it to the Championship. Maybe it was because Chiefs Fan’s money receivers decided not to show up. Wes Welker only got him 8points and Jordy Nelson only produced 4. Not to mention AP only going for 6. It wasn’t pretty, but i know Al will take it. Chiefs Fan had a nice run and nows plays in the 3rd place game……

The other Semi Final Matchup pitted L-Diggity vs Roostr (no e). Roostr, another team with a machine at QB, Brees, has also been putting up some high numbers this year. But most of his numbers have been coming thanks to drafting the most productive players on the New Orlean Saints. Could he keep it up against a hot L-Diggity team? Yeah, he did! So now L-Diggity plays against Chiefs Fan for 3rd.

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