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And So It Begins!

The day has finally arrived, the NFL begins tonight!! The first week of The Patron Bowl should be pretty interesting as we see how the draft actually plays out. Did i get the right WR? Are my RB’s capable of putting up numbers? Will my QB torch that defense? Why the hell did i start that asshole? How come my TE isn’t in the game??? HAHAHAHA!

It all begins tonight and i hope my team at least does somewhat decent. The first week always seems to be the hardest to me. You have no basis except for last year on how your guys will do. Sure you can crunch all the numbers and hope for the best, but your team is one twisted ankle or one ruptured spleen away from last place and buying the Patron for next years draft!

The message board by this time should be lit up but we only have one bold prediction. L-Diggity proclaims the “OH Mercy it’s PERCY!” will go off tonight and should rack up 26 points in our league scoring. I hope that wasn’t the kiss of death for his sake. You know how those statements sometimes go against you? But i do have to say, L-Diggity is probably more accurate than not. Good luck L-Digg!


Here are the matchups for this week. Good luck everyone!………. Except you Huss Monkeys! NO LUCK FOR YOU!!!

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Draft Day!

Well it was another fun draft day! I’m glad almost everyone attended and then made it home ok. Let the season begin. Here are just a few pics I was able to salvage before my phone was lost to the salt water pool.







Woohoo! Draft Day is here!!