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It was a damn close matchup!! Here’s how the final looked:

The 2011 fantasy football season has come to an end……….. NOW WHAT??
Fantasy Golf?………… NOT!
Fantasy Basketball?……… i think i just threw up in my mouth!
Baseball will be along soon enough but it’s just not the same.

Congratulations to BBFCFM for winning it all! Congrats to Roostr for coming in 2nd and congrats to Chiefs fan for showing up!
Thanks to everyone in the league for yet another great year!
We will need to discuss draft location for2012. Salud!



Oh it’s on! It’s time to figure out who the PatronBowl Champion will be!
This year we will have a NEW Champion.
Will it be BBFCFM or Roostr(no e)??? Good luck to the both of you!

Championship Matchup
(5)BBFCFM vs. (2)Roostr:


In this corner we have 5th seed BBFCFM, who has put together a very nice season!
He put together a 7-6 record to get into the playoffs and has been putting up points since.
After taking much email grief from a “How’s my ass taste” L-Diggity squad,
he just may be able to return the favor when it’s all over.
He has to overcome a 20 point projected points matchup,
but we all really know these projections don’t mean shit!
His opponent only got 7pts. from Jacoby Jones last night, but does that matter?
It just may come down to Monday night when his QB goes for Atlanta.


Roostr (NO E DAMMIT!)

In this corner we have the #2 seed Roostr…….
he went into the playoffs with a 9-3 record and has dismantled his last 2 opponents.
After what everyone thought was going to be a runaway season last year only to falter half way through, he’s on the brink of redeeming himself. Going through the season with the main Saints scoring machines, he’s been hard to beat. Can he keep it up?
Or will the underdog prevail?
Will i need to explain to the people that make my plaques for the trophy that yes……..
Roostr is spelled with “no e”?

Here’s the matchup:


3rd Place game!

These guys put together a great season, but they will have to settle for 3rd and 4th place.
Will it be L-Diggity or Chiefs Fan who gets the 3rd place cash??? Good luck to the both of you!

3rd Place Matchup
(1)Chiefs Fan vs. (6)L-Diggity:

Chiefs Fan

In this corner we have the #1 seed Chiefs Fan, who was running away with a 12-1 season!
It was a nice run, but it all came to an end last weekend after he was taken out by BBFCFM.
Oh well, he’s come a long way from usually being near bottom of the standings every year.
Can this be beginning of dominance in years to come? We will have to wait and see.
For now he’s just trying to stay in the money.



And in this corner we have L-Diggity who put together a pretty special season.
I’m thinking even though he’s not too happy about losing last week to Roostr,
i bet he’s just happy to be playing for 3rd place.
His whole drafted team eventually looked like a fatality list from a natural disaster.
He made some stellar acquisitions in the free agent market
along with some good trades to get this far.
Overall, Digg deserves much credit for getting this far!

Here’s the matchup:


Playoffs Recap….

Here we go! Championship weekend started last night! I was gone for a week and didn’t get to update the matchups from round 1. Apparently L-Diggity wasn’t fucking around! He became “Team Tweezers” to MIke’s Team Splinters! Looks like L-Diggity made the best of the “All Free Agency Bowl” and took home $50 from a draft day bet to top off a very nice season from the most injury riddled team in Patron Bowl history! Hey Mike, don’t forget to send Digg his money!! i know you have his address!!! Nice Job Digg!

In the other Matchup, BBFCFM was able to take out the reigning 2-time champion Huss Monkeys……pretty handily in fact! He beat him by a good 60 points! Nice job Cuz and nice season Mike, but your reign has ended. Mike has asked whoever wins to take care of “his” trophy………lol!

The first matchup for the Semi Finals was BBFCFM vs Chiefs Fan. Chiefs Fan has been a machine all year and was not looking like a good matchup for BBFCFM but he somehow pulled it off to make it to the Championship. Maybe it was because Chiefs Fan’s money receivers decided not to show up. Wes Welker only got him 8points and Jordy Nelson only produced 4. Not to mention AP only going for 6. It wasn’t pretty, but i know Al will take it. Chiefs Fan had a nice run and nows plays in the 3rd place game……

The other Semi Final Matchup pitted L-Diggity vs Roostr (no e). Roostr, another team with a machine at QB, Brees, has also been putting up some high numbers this year. But most of his numbers have been coming thanks to drafting the most productive players on the New Orlean Saints. Could he keep it up against a hot L-Diggity team? Yeah, he did! So now L-Diggity plays against Chiefs Fan for 3rd.


Are we talking about the playoffs? Yes we are! Round 1! The playoffs have finally arrived. With the end of the regular fantasy football season upon us, the top 6 teams out of 10 are ready for battle! Who will win the coveted golden patron? Who will unseat the reigning 2 time champ? Will someone new finally win? Of course Chiefs Fan and Roostr (no e) get to sit back and watch the first round contenders duke it out since they finished 1 and 2 in the league and get the bye. Good luck to everybody! Let’s check out what’s on tap for this weekend!

Matchup 1
(6)L-Diggity vs. (3)Team Splinters:


In this corner we have 6th seed L-Diggity, who came back from a mass decimation
of his draft day picks due to injury, to somehow make the playoffs.
Is he doing it with smoke and mirrors? Or is Digg toying with the other managers.
showcasing his mad free agent pickups and trade skills?


Team Splinters

In this corner we have 3rd seed Team Splinters…….
still not sure where he got the name, but he’s taking care of business.
In what just may be the highest rate of free agent pickups in PatronBowl history,
he finished in 3rd place for the regular season. 

Here’s the matchup:


Matchup 2
(5)BBFCFM vs. (4)Huss Monkeys:


In this corner we have BBFCFM, who didn’t have too bad of a season
considering he was waiting for Chris Johnson to come back from the dead.
He finished as the 5th seed at 7-6. He has been putting up some high
points lately and just may be underestimated.


Huss Monkeys

And finally in this corner we have 4th seeded Huss Monkeys,
who is looking for that 3rd championship in as many years.
What can i say about this guy, he just gets it done.
Can he pull it out and advance to the next round?

Here’s the matchup:

And “LAST” but not least…..

 With the end of the regular season comes the last place award. I’m still trying to decide on a name for this. I’m leaning towards the “Shane Laden” but i’m not sold yet. I still have to think of a trophy design also. Last place gets to buy the Patron for the following years draft……… LUCKY GUY! But first a run down of past years’ lucky Patron buyers:

2010: Show Me The Money

2009: El Presidente

2008: Chiefs Fan

2007: Show Me The Money

And this year the award goes to:

Cardinal & Gold

In the immortal words of L-Diggity………. “make sure that shit is chilled!”