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PatronBowl standings heading into week 7

Here are the standings heading into week 7. Chiefs Fan is still unbeaten and is just mowing through the competition. I thought, like Roostr’s 4-0 run last year, it was just a matter of time before a downhill slide occurred. But it doesn’t really look like it’s gonna happen. He has a strong team this year. The middle of the pack is still wide open.

FortyWhiner thought he had a comeback win vs Roostr on Tuesday only to have Yahoo stat corrections give the win to Roostr. But then there was a second stat correction on Wednesday that ended up declaring the match a TIE! Can you believe that shit? We started a decimal scoring option this year just to avoid ties…….. We seriously need to look into some new League Management in the offseason, hmm, where have i heard that before? Besides these fucking stat corrections, Yahoo’s live in game scoring is never working and neither is their chat. But i can never get anything done without a vote, so let’s see what happens. Maybe i’ll just go ROGUE ala Roostr and pick a new League Management system myself.

I, Los Bastardos, luckily squeaked out a win vs L-Diggity in week 5 by .04 points!! Man that was nail biter! And then last week i barely pulled out another win vs Cardinal and Gold. He had the last player, Reggie Bush, going in that Monday night game. Reggie busted a 36 yard run to start the game and i thought, shit he’s gonna pull it off. Luckily for me Reggie is not the Reggie of old!

So right now i sit at 4-2. But i have a scary matchup vs the last place team, Show Me The Money. Unfortunately that guy hasn’t won a game yet,  which makes it a “Scary Matchup” for me! he’s eventually gonna win his first game, i just hope it’s not against me! Because it never fails, you start getting a little confidence in your team, think you have this win no problem, and BLAM! you get blindsided by the guys team that hasn’t been showing up just to knock you down a few places. I think i have some decent matchups this week, but you never know if you’re guys are actually going to show up! I’m still waiting for Arian Foster to have that bust out over the top game i know he’s capable of! Hopefully it’s this week, especially since i have Hakeem Nicks on bye. Viva Los Bastardos!! Here’s my matchup:


Chiefs Fan vs FortyWhiner. I’m naming this the MATCHUP OF THE WEEK! Fortywhiner started the year putting up ridiculous points, he had back to back 200 point games. Is he gonna be able to deal the first loss to Chiefs Fan? Or is Chiefs Fan gonna continue to ROLL!! They both have their top QB’s, Brady and Stafford on bye. Chiefs Fan also has his money guy, Welker, on bye this week but his projection is still pretty high. Here’s what the lineups look like for this one.

Good Luck everyone!!


PatronBowl Week 1 in the books!

Going into Monday night’s second game i had slim chance of coming back from a 25 point deficit…… slim, but it was still a chance. I just needed my last guy, Run DMC, to go off against the Broncos. It was looking pretty bad for a while there then he broke a 47 yarder!! YEAH!! Wait! What just happened?……………… he was stopped short of the goal line???? Ahh SHIT!!! After that he pretty much relinquished duties to Michael Bush. Figures, i ended up losing by 7pts! I do feel a little ok about it though because it was week one and i lost the first game of the season last year but still made the playoffs. Just have to remember…….. WEEK 1! All my guys pretty much went off for a hundred yards but none of them scored any TD’s! If maybe 1 or 2 of them gets a TD, i have nothing to worry about. OH, and then there was the Pittsburgh fiasco! I started Roethlisberger………….. enough said! I just hope Arian Foster is back week 2 and he’s not gimpy.

Then there was the FortyWhiner stellar comeback. He was down about 89 points going into Mondays games and then Tom Brady happened! He was still down a few points in the 4th quarter and the Pats were backed up on their own 1. Then Brady threw 20 or so yards to Welker and he took it to the house…………. GAME OVER!! He must’ve been doing the CabbagePatch after that play!

All in all, every matchup ended up being pretty close. No issues that needed to resolved. No one complained about scoring……………. looks like it’s starting off to be a good year. This week i have a tough matchup against the defending champ and the brothers Hill play each other. Team Splinters, who’s already been dubbed Susan Lucci because he was mad nobody voted for him in his matchup, goes up against the comeback kid FortyWhiner. The biggest margin of victory winner, The Roostr (no E) goes up against BBFCFM, who beat me last week. You got lucky Cuz!  And then “Where’s my 2 points” Chiefs Fan goes up against ” i might as well chill the Patron” Show Me The Money.

Here’s the standings after week 1 and now on to WEEK 2!

Good luck!