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PatronBowl 2014!!

I’m really sorry i didn’t get around to posting last year. Not sure if it was due to lack of interest (my team sucked) or if i was that busy. Hopefully i can stay on top of things this year.

Congrats to last years winner of the Golden Patron…… Chiefs Fan!
Forty Whiner brings the loser Patron to the draft……….chill that shit bitch!
Roostr returns to the league and ALSO has to bring a bottle of patron…….chill that shit bitch!

OH! Did i mention Huss Monkeys will actually be at the draft this year….. all the way from North Carolina???

But a new year brings new excitement.
Let the smack talk begin!
The draft will be held at my house on August 23rd at 10 am!
It’s going to be a blast! We will have the electronic draft board as well as the physical board to set out by the pool for after draft trade scenarios!

Look at what i received just in time. I almost forgot to order them.



Here is the Official draft order for this year. Good luck everyone!

#1 – Who Dat
#2 – Cardinal&Gold
#3 – L-diggity
#4 – Los Bastardos
#5 – Chiefs Fan
#6 – Hades Star
#7 – Roostr
#8 – Forty Whiner
#10 – Huss Monkeys



And away we go!

It’s time to get the 2013 PatronBowl started and this years draft order will be determined a little different. This year the Kentucky Derby will decide the fate of the 10 returning managers draft position. Utilizing a random draft order generator specifically designed for Fantasy Football Leagues, that result determines the horse each manager must count on to bring a high draft pick home!

This adds a little more excitement to the whole process of determining draft position and it ultimately is in the hands of the horse racing Gods! Total randomness taken a little further……………..

So here’s the final post position and manager assignments.

1. Onyx – Forty Whiner

2. Oxbow – ROOSTr

3. Revolutionary – Chiefs Fan

4. Golden Soul – L-Diggity

5. Normandy Invasion – The Underachievers

6. Mylute – Cardinal & Gold

7. Giant Finish – BBFCFM

8. Goldencents – Los Bastardos

9. Overanalyze – Huss Monkeys

10. Palace Malice – Hades Star

Should one of the above horses scratch before the race, here are the second 10 horses with manager assignments. These horses are only to be used if the first pick scratches!

11. Lines of Battle – BBFCFM

12. Itsmyluckyday – The Underachievers

13. Falling Sky – L-Diggity

14. Verrazano – Hades Star

15. Charming Kitten – Chiefs Fan

16. Orb – Los Bastardos

17. Will Take Charge – Huss Monkeys

18. Frac Daddy – ROOSTr

19. Java’s War – Forty Whiner

20. Vyjack – Cardinal & Gold

Good Luck everybody!

PatronBowl standings heading into week 7

Here are the standings heading into week 7. Chiefs Fan is still unbeaten and is just mowing through the competition. I thought, like Roostr’s 4-0 run last year, it was just a matter of time before a downhill slide occurred. But it doesn’t really look like it’s gonna happen. He has a strong team this year. The middle of the pack is still wide open.

FortyWhiner thought he had a comeback win vs Roostr on Tuesday only to have Yahoo stat corrections give the win to Roostr. But then there was a second stat correction on Wednesday that ended up declaring the match a TIE! Can you believe that shit? We started a decimal scoring option this year just to avoid ties…….. We seriously need to look into some new League Management in the offseason, hmm, where have i heard that before? Besides these fucking stat corrections, Yahoo’s live in game scoring is never working and neither is their chat. But i can never get anything done without a vote, so let’s see what happens. Maybe i’ll just go ROGUE ala Roostr and pick a new League Management system myself.

I, Los Bastardos, luckily squeaked out a win vs L-Diggity in week 5 by .04 points!! Man that was nail biter! And then last week i barely pulled out another win vs Cardinal and Gold. He had the last player, Reggie Bush, going in that Monday night game. Reggie busted a 36 yard run to start the game and i thought, shit he’s gonna pull it off. Luckily for me Reggie is not the Reggie of old!

So right now i sit at 4-2. But i have a scary matchup vs the last place team, Show Me The Money. Unfortunately that guy hasn’t won a game yet,  which makes it a “Scary Matchup” for me! he’s eventually gonna win his first game, i just hope it’s not against me! Because it never fails, you start getting a little confidence in your team, think you have this win no problem, and BLAM! you get blindsided by the guys team that hasn’t been showing up just to knock you down a few places. I think i have some decent matchups this week, but you never know if you’re guys are actually going to show up! I’m still waiting for Arian Foster to have that bust out over the top game i know he’s capable of! Hopefully it’s this week, especially since i have Hakeem Nicks on bye. Viva Los Bastardos!! Here’s my matchup:


Chiefs Fan vs FortyWhiner. I’m naming this the MATCHUP OF THE WEEK! Fortywhiner started the year putting up ridiculous points, he had back to back 200 point games. Is he gonna be able to deal the first loss to Chiefs Fan? Or is Chiefs Fan gonna continue to ROLL!! They both have their top QB’s, Brady and Stafford on bye. Chiefs Fan also has his money guy, Welker, on bye this week but his projection is still pretty high. Here’s what the lineups look like for this one.

Good Luck everyone!!

PatronBowl Week 2 in the books!

Week 2 is in the books and i got my first win! It wasn’t pretty and i was nervous all the way into Monday nights game. I was up by 10 going into Monday nights game with Hakeem Nicks questionable for the game. Huss Monkeys (my opponent) had Mario Manningham left to play and with Hakeem nicked up i thought for sure i was gonna lose. Luckily Hakeem played and Mario left the game at the half with a concussion to secure my win. Hakeem didn’t really perform up to normal expectations but his points did the job. The Giants were targeting Mario pretty often and on deep passing routes, so i think if Mario would’ve stayed in the game i would have lost. But now i sit in 5th on the board after week 2 with a matchup against the leagues hottest team in week 3.

That “hottest team” is the Forty Whiners. He took out last years second place team by 54 points. Brians team is looking good and i’m not looking forward to this matchup. I may have to put my hopes in some longshots on my roster. He finished off TeamSplinters in week 2 with Plaxico Burress in his lineup who got him a big goose egg! And he still beat him by over 50! This makes 2 weeks in a row he’s scored over 200. Ok Brian, good luck! I know your at the Nevada State Police academy now so i hope you really don’t have that much time to check your lineup…………. if that even really matters with your team!

Other week 2 matchups had the Roostr beating BBFCFM to get to a quiet 2-0. Chiefs Fan is also 2-0 after beating Show Me The Money with a little help from Miles Austin and Matthew Stafford. And the Battle of the brothers ended with LDiggity getting the best of Cardinal and Gold thanks to a pretty well rounded lineup effort. Well, maybe except for DeSean Jackson, but hey, a win is a win.

Good luck in week 3!

Here’s the rankings so far:

ATTN PatronBowl League Owners! PatronBowl Poll results…….

After our poll resulted in the majority ready to step up to new management site, the site i was considering does not seem to have a quality “live scoring” interface that is on par with our old league site. They do have an an “add-on” program called “gameday” but it is only available for the PC. I think a lot of people in our league use macs so this option would not actually help. So i think i am going to stick with Yahoo! for the time being. The live scoring app they use is pretty user friendly . There was a bit of lag time last year and the chat feature broke down half the time but hopefully they have worked on that in the off season. Now let’s just hope we actually have a season!

The 2008 Champ L-Diggity!

2007……Money in the bank!

2007 was the first pay year of our league and pretty uneventful as far as trash talking was concerned. I think everyone was testing the waters, wanting to make sure who could take it without crying in their soup! Most of the trash talk was college football related as we had USC, UCLA and Notre Dame fans. We had a college football pick’em game going on simultaneously but the shit talking spilled over into this message board.

The new entrance fee for the league was $100 per team. We had 9 solo owners and 1 co-managed team (51/50’s). It was a “winner take all” year but have since refined the payout. 51/50’s took the championship, about $800 after fees and the new trophy, but not by much. The final matchup was decided by 11 points over El Presidente and The Roostr came in 3rd.

51/50’s, who was a 1 and done team in the league, still managed to be the first to get their names on the brand new trophy.

(Correction: 51/50’s actually played one more year in the league and then quit)